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Terms of Business

Please note that patients are NEVER seen at our administrative centre; please do NOT come to our office unless specifically invited.

It is impossible for any treatment to be free of all risks and impossible to describe every single possible risk. Professor Claoué will discuss any common risks with you at the time of your consultation, and if you have specific concerns you should ask Professor Claoué about them.

Any problems should be notified to the Practice Manager at DBCG (UK) Ltd immediately. If necessary, we will be happy to arrange a second opinion or a review by an independent consultant.

Terms of Business

By booking an appointment, you are entering into a contractual relationship for medical care. If you have medical insurance, all reasonable help will be provided to assist you in reclaiming medical fees, but the contractual relationship is between doctor and patient and not with the insurance company. Any insurance shortfall is your personal liability.

Estimates are available in advance of any treatment; you are free to ask at any time. Written estimates are available from the secretarial office.

Accounts should be paid promptly; if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to raise the matter with the secretariat. Reminders will be sent for outstanding accounts, but if accounts are not paid by 6 weeks, you may be liable to further charges including statutory interest (currently at 8%) and the associated costs such as court fees.

Out-Patient appointments not kept or cancelled with less than 5 working days' notice will be subject to a discretionary charge.

Patients who book surgery should be aware that costs are incurred immediately on booking, and that if they cancel they may face substantial charges which may exceed what they have already paid. Any cancellation should be by telephone followed by email. In general, operations cancelled less than 10 days in advance incur a 50% cost, and cancellations on the day incur the full cost. We try to take a sympathetic view, and if a cancellation is inevitable for medical reasons we will try to offer one further date at no extra cost. This does not apply if you cancel once you have reached the theatre complex.