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Imagine waking up and being able to see the alarm clock in the morning, playing with the children without worrying about sticky fingers on your glasses or bent and broken frames. Take part in sports and go swimming without about the worry of losing a contact lens or your glasses getting splashed or fogged up. Many people have enhanced their lives and now enjoy freedom from the hassle and inconvenience of wearing contact lenses or glasses after corrective eye treatment.

"On exiting the hospital I was immediately able to read car number plates at 50 metres with my right eye! Wonderful and all down to your skill and expertise. Am very pleased and grateful, many thanks."

"You've changed my life! The second eye is even better than the first."
LB Cataract surgery patient

"Thank you very much for your very skilful work, my sight is greatly improved everything is much, much clearer and I do not have the debilitating glare or haze, also my sight has improved slightly long distance, but requires reading glasses as expected, so all in all very successful."
R.C, London

"Fantastic - I can see everything – I am amazed."

"In so many ways it is just easier, instead of having to put my eyes in first I can just pop out whenever I want, doing things impulsively without planning to take glasses, contacts lenses, pots and solutions and so. Now I just get up and go."

"Can you imagine getting up each morning and seeing the leaves in the trees and the birds, all the silly things that other people take for granted. I now have 20/20 vision so couldn't ask for anything more. If you are thinking of having it done I would recommend it, it is really brilliant."

"Its brilliant, I wish I'd had it done years ago"

"It is just so much easier now"

"My contact lenses were really irritating my eyes and I really disliked wearing glasses, they were so inconvenient for sports or when it was raining, I am so pleased to have found an alternative. With laser eye treatment I don't need either. It is just so much easier now".

"I got married 3 weeks ago and I'm so please I didn't have to wear lenses of any kind for the day! EC 2013".

"Really good – a million times better – I can see the ball for golf – a life changing experience PRELEX patient 2013".

Thank you